What is INSPIA?

Agriculture faces many challenges. It has to produce more food, feed and other raw materials to satisfy the increasing demands of a growing population. Agriculture must also contribute to economic prosperity and social well-being, while protecting natural resources such as soil, water and biodiversity.

The INSPIA project will demonstrate sustainable agriculture through the implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) and the measurement and monitoring of progress with a set of defined indicators.

INSPIA promotes sustainable management practices for agriculture that protect the ecosystems services provided by biodiversity, and contribute to safeguarding the soil and water resources on which sustainable agricultural productivity depends.


General Objectives

  1. Demonstrate that BMPs help achieve sustainability in European agriculture.
  2. Provide an index of farm sustainability based on a set of verifiable indicators.
  3. Create a farm network to enable the validation, demonstration and communication of BMPs.
  4. Promote sustainable agricultural practices.
  5. Raise awareness among EU stakeholders.

Final Objectives

  1. To obtain adapted policies (or better implementation of existing ones).
  2. To obtain recognition by farmers, decisions makers and private sector of Sustainable Agriculture (Conservation Agriculture /ecological intensification with optimization across crop protection solutions) and of their operators (farmers in this system and their organizations / companies supportive).

INSPIA outcome

As an outcome, provided policies come in place, conventional farmers will change their system and will get better results by learning from “technically strong farmers” and their organizations.

The system enabling sustainable agriculture is the combination of conservation agriculture and IPM so that agricultural technologies are considered to the extent they contribute to help farmers achieve their objectives.

Project partners