Preparatory actions

  • A1.- Create a tailored set open source scientifically referenced Sustainability Indicators for INSPIA- better description of Sustainability Indicators (SI)
  • A2.- Selection of INSPIA ‘flagship-farmers’ and agreements with the landowners.
  • A3.- Create the INSPIA on-line data register application – (Online platform).
  • A4.- New project farms selection and agreements with farmers (Northern and Central Eastern farms-INSPIA extension).

Implementation actions

  • B1.- Management of the current project farms network (BE; DK; FR and ES) and establishment of the extension in the Northern countries.

Monitoring of the Impact of the project actions

  • C1.- Implementation of BMPs and farmers' level of satisfaction through surveys.

Communication and dissemination actions

  • D1.- Implementation of the BMPs - Creation of a double-matrix to link indicators, BMPs and benefits.
  • D2.- Communication plan and advocacy.
  • D3.- Leaflets on Sustainable Agricultural benefits (Communication tool).
  • D4.- Capacity building actions at national level.
  • D5.- Training best management practices among INSPIA famers.

Project management and monitoring of the project progress

  • E1.- Management and coordination.