BMP 5.- Perform farming operations following the contour lines

This BMP encourages the safe performance of farming operations perpendicular to the maximum slope line, effectively cutting-off lines of normal runoff, slowing down water runoff, minimising soil erosion and increasing time for infiltration, and therefore, the amount of water held by soil.

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  • Management target
  • Sustainability Indicators


3.- Reduction of runoff and erosion

14.- Slowing down of water flow

15.- Retention of run-off water in field with slight slopes


4.- Improvement of water infiltration (micro- and macroporosity) and avoidance of floods and landslides

10.- Avoidance of contamination (local and diffuse)

16.- Redirecting of water flowing downhill

17.- Providing soil with more time for water infiltration

18.- Cut off pathways of concentrated run-off water allowing water permeability

19.- Protection of downstream areas by retaining and cleaning run-off water of sediments, nutrients, and PPP

8.- SI – Satisfaction Index

The implementation of this BMP could have a positive influence on the farmer’s perception.